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              Engineered for optimal lift, unmatched strength and better fuel economy. The result is a softer, quieter ride even in rough conditions.



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              1. AQUA DYNAMIC HULL DESIGN                                             6. LARGER SPRAY RAILS
              The aqua-dynamic surface of our gull-wing-shaped design results in quicker   Large, reverse-dispersal spray rails deflect backsplash more effectively for a
              planing, better handling and superior boat control in even the harshest weather   drier ride in rough water.
                                                                                      7. ALL-ALUMINUM TRANSOM
              2. ONE-PIECE CONSTRUCTION                                               All-aluminum transoms are lighter and 130% stronger than wood transoms.
              One-piece construction delivers superior strength over the competition’s   A stronger transom minimizes racking and vibration, providing a more durable
              multi-piece hulls. Our seamless hull allows for proper keel placement so the   mounting surface for today’s larger, more powerful outboards.
              prop turns in pure, non-aerated water.
                                                                                      8. AUTOMOTIVE-QUALITY PAINT
              3. LARGER MILITARY-GRADE RIVETS                                         Automotive-quality base coat/clear coat paint is stronger and more resistant to
              Larger rivets mean greater inherent strength. Fewer rivets are needed and   fading from ultraviolet light. Even damage like dock rash or scratches can be
              fewer holes are drilled so you can have peace of mind in all water conditions.  easily repaired without having to repaint.

              4. ONE-PIECE HARDENED CENTER KEEL                                       9. BOW RAKE
              A deeper, one-piece keel adds structural integrity and improves handling,   A sharper-angled bow means a smoother entry into the water, giving you a
              tracking and control in all conditions.                                 more comfortable ride in big water.

              5. DOUBLE PLATING                                                       10. 20-YEAR NON-PRORATED WARRANTY
              Full-length double plating means twice the strength and protection all the way to   Most boat manufacturers’ Limited Lifetime warranty only covers one aspect of
              the transom. The extra plate and solid-bottom construction dramatically reduce   the boat. They warranty the areas where issues are more likely to occur with a
              sound, vibration and flexing that can adversely affect handling.        10-year prorated warranty. We cover the entire hull with a 20-year, non-prorated
                                                                                      warranty against defects in material and workmanship.

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