Alumacraft Youth Fishing Opportunities

Alumacraft is proud to support the development of young anglers. By committing to our youth programs and sponsoring our high school teams, we are excited to help the next generation achieve and ultimately surpass their fishing goals. We could not be prouder to be a supportive and guiding force in the industry and sport we love.


Our youth programs are designed to promote the individual skills of young anglers as well as provide a sense of community and strengthen the future of the sport.

Here’s a few ways we do that:

  • We provide resources to help form, develop, maintain and improve youth teams.
  • Youth and community clinics
  • Youth tournaments
  • High school team sponsorships
  • National youth team sponsorships


By sponsoring high school teams we help teenagers hone their skills and achieve their goals.

Our sponsorships include:

  • Financial contribution to team jerseys
  • A team tour of our factory in St. Peter
  • Boat purchase discount program
  • Specialized clinics for HS teams, anglers, boat captains, and their parents.
  • Guest speakers for team meetings
  • Alumacraft gear donations


Dave is a widely experienced freshwater and saltwater fishing expert. He's the head coach of the Lakeville Fishing Team as well as being Alumacraft's Youth Ambassador. Alumacraft relies on Dave to help launch and develop new fishing teams and educate staff, dealers, coaches and new teams. Dave is also in charge of evaluating opportunities for Alumacraft to organize, enhance and sponsor youth fishing events and teams. He reports directly to Alumacraft's VP of Sales and Marketing.

For more information on our youth fishing opportunities, please contact Dave Schueck:

315 W. Saint Julien St.
St. Peter, MN 56082

1329 N. 10th St.
Arkadelphia, AR 71923