Get to know the Alumacraft difference


Looking for that extra advantage on the water? AlumaTrac™ gives you a competitive edge with universal rod mounting capabilities. The sturdy AlumaTrac™ accessory mounts lock securely anywhere along the AlumaTrac™ track to give you endless options for rod holder placement.

2XB Hull


Alumacraft's exclusive full-length, twin-plated hulls provide a smoother ride with seamless, one-piece-bottom engineering. Our extra thick, twin-plated 2XB™ hull technology uses large aircraft-grade rivets to provide superior strength and security. With an Alumacrafted hull your boat will be tougher, stronger and more secure, while also giving you a smooth, quiet ride with minimal flex for more control and agility.


Top-quality, oversized, aircraft-grade rivets ensure superior strength. We place rivets precisely placed and secured using pneumatic riveting tools, and all our hulls are water tested to ensure leak-free seams.

Wood-free storage & livewells

wood-free storage & livewells

Alumacraft’s durable, wood-free compartments eliminate the problem of rotting wood for durable, long-lasting use. All compartments, livewells, built-in coolers and even hatches are completely wood-free.


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